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Notes from City of San Jose proposal for MLB stadium

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and representatives from the area have released a proposal they hope will be added to the November ballot so the city can go ahead in building a stadium for what would become the San Jose Athletics. Here are some notes from the proposal, or requirements if the city goes ahead with the construction of the stadium.


  • The MLB team, at no cost to the ctiy, would be responsible for building the stadium and any renovations or improvements it incurs over time. The proposal mentions that stadium would be on a 14-acre property. 
  • The MLB team is responsible for paying for all stadium operating costs. 
  • The name must include "San Jose"
There are more stipulations where the city of San Jose can appropriate funds to "redevelopment projects," which is true considering new MLB stadium's tend to benefit the direct area around it. (See U.S. Cellular Field on South Side of Chicago). 

The proposal will need to be approved first by the voters and then by Major League Baseball.