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Trade Predictions

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Now that we are a week away from the trade deadline, here are my trade predictions.

Dan Haren: Traded to the Yankees for Ivan Nova, Zach McAllister, and two other prospects. This deal is being discussed right now and the Dbacks want to trade Haren by Tuesday. It is a fair deal and I can see the Dbacks biting. Maybe the Yankees take on Chad Qualls as well or get Rusty Ryal and make one of the prospects better.

Roy Oswalt: Not traded. The Astros demands and the Cardinals and Phillies unwillingness to agree to the demands seem like they will not change.

Ted Lilly: Traded to either the Tigers, Dodgers, or Mets. Sorry for the lack of a real prediction here, but reports are so contradictory on Lilly that I can only predict that he will be traded to one of the three.

Adam Dunn, Lance Berkman, Jake Westbrook: All will stay with their current teams.

Jayson Werth: Traded to the Red Sox. This is my bold prediction, the Red Sox realize they're in trouble in the division and wild card races and go out and get a big name.

Other predictions: Diamondbacks start a fire sale and trade Adam Laroche and Kelly Johnson. Yankees acquire bench and relief help. Red Sox acquire a reliever. Bobby Jenks is almost traded but stays put.