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Phillies still interested in Oswalt; Cardinals, Dodgers likely out

According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Phillies remain interested in Astros Pitcher Roy Oswalt but the Cardinals and Dodgers are unlikely to acquire him.

Rosenthal states that the talent the Phillies would send to the Astros is "pretty much agreed upon".  The Phillies would likely include pitcher J.A. Happ and prospects for Oswalt and would take on 5 million dollars of Oswalt's contract plus his 16 million dollar option in 2012.

The Cardinals have pulled out of the Oswalt sweepstakes according to sources.  They will likely still pursue a pitcher like Jake Westbrook or Fausto Carmona.  They will likely save the money they would have to invest in Oswalt to help re-sign Albert Pujols.

The Dodgers remained engaged with the Astros, but talks have gone nowhere according to Rosenthal.  The Astros are looking for the Dodgers to give up James Loney or Matt Kemp for Oswalt.  The team rejected that deal.

Rosenthal also says that the Phillies will look to acquire Oswalt without trading outfielder Jayson Werth.  Shane Victorino was placed on the D.L today, which makes a Werth deal unlikely.