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Blue Jays' Price For Downs Is Hilarious (Edited: But Understandable As A Starting Point!)

Scott Downs would be the best Yankees left hander in years. Downs would help keep the bullpen intact and would make a big difference in a possible pennant race. The Red Sox could also use Downs. That said, is it worth a top prospect? No. Which is why the Blue Jays' asking price for Scott Downs is-well-a lot.

The Blue Jays are asking the Yankees for either Jesus Montero or Joba Chamberlain. Those two being the catcher of the future and a struggling reliever with a very bright future, that once was the centerpiece in a possible Roy Halladay deal.

From the Red Sox, the Blue Jays would want one of Casey Kelly or Jose Iglesias. Those being a top pitching prospect and the shortstop of the future.