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Dodgers, Cubs talks heating up for Ted Lilly

Over the past four season, Ted Lilly has been the best pitcher in the Cubs rotation. However, he is now in the final year of his deal stuck on a team with hardly any chance of making the playoffs. Teams like Lilly, especially because he is one of the most competitive players in the league. He is a gamer, and the Cubs have really benefitted from his competitive nature. 

The Dodgers are hoping to land Lilly to complement Clayton Kershaw in the rotation. They are currently seven games back, but anyone can tell that can change really quickly in the NL West. 

If the Cubs don't move Lilly, it will be considered a big mistake for the club because they likely won't resign him beyond this year. However, he could be a Type-A free agent and net a team two draft picks. 

The Cubs are reportedly looking for a pitching prospect or two in return.