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Dodgers add Rod Barajas off waivers from Mets

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The Dodgers have added catcher Rod Barajas off the waiver wire from the Mets today to replace Russell Martin, who is out for the season. Barajas was hitting .225 with 12 home runs in 74 games with the Mets, but now he will have the opportunity to play everyday.

"Things started out great, and it was exciting -- it was an exciting time for us," said Barajas, who had signed with the Mets during the first week of spring training. "It's tough to leave. But, at the same time, I wasn't sure how much playing time was going to come my way. If I could get in a situation where I can get behind the plate and play a little more, then I was all for it. It's mixed emotions, definitely."

You have to respect all Ned Colletti has done to improve the Dodgers under the circumstances. While the Dodgers are well out of contention, they add a veteran catcher who can manage a major league rotation and make for a suitable back up if he sticks around following this season.