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Red Sox claim Tigers outfielder Johnny Damon

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In a surprising move, the Red Sox claimed Tigers outfielder Johnny Damon off waivers and have 48 hours to make a deal for him. Damon, although once beloved in Boston, isn't sure he wants to accept the move back to Bean Town.

''I've got a lot to think about,'' he said before Detroit played Kansas City. ''On top of everything else, I've got to be ready to hit a baseball tonight.''

The Red Sox are 6.0 games out of the division and 5.5 games behind the Rays for the Wild Card. The Tigers, meanwhile, are 15.0 games out of the Wild Card. 

Damon is hitting .270 with 7 home runs and a .355 on-base percentage. He could fill in in the outfielder when needed with Jacoby Ellsbury out, and could fill in in left field as well.