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Nationals place Adam Dunn on waivers

The Washington Nationals have placed first baseman Adam Dunn on waivers today in a final attempt to move the slugger. Dunn, who is hitting .276 with 26 home runs and a .366 on-base percentage, is on pace for his seventh consecutive season with at least 38 home runs or more. He will also be a free agent following this season.

National League teams will be given priority in the waiver process, meaning teams like the White Sox and Rays that were really interested in Dunn may not be given the opportunity to work out a deal. 

The Giants are one possibility to put a claim on Dunn, but it would probably be in the outfielder considering Aubrey Huff is having a great year. 

This is really just a formality as I expect the Nationals to hold on to Dunn and then sign him to a long-term extension after the season.