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Brandon Webb is a free agent sleeper this offseason

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Once considered the ace of the franchise, starting pitcher Brandon Webb is inching closer to a return with the team he hasn't made an appearance for since April of 2009. Webb threw a side session on Sunday and reported normal soreness in his throwing shoulder today, all positive signs. 

Webb, who owns a career 3.27 ERA over six professional seasons (seven, if you include '09), is also set to be a free agent following this season. Teams will certainly be lining up for the once All-Star pitcher, possibly with a small bidding war taking place. Webb conjured up the generic "free agent jargon" that many free agents when being asked about their future:

"My wife and kids like it here," he said. "A lot of people move around. You just go somewhere else and find new homes. That's just the way the game is. You can't expect to stay in one place your whole career. If you do, it's great."

It is hard to believe that the current state of the Diamondbacks could lure a potential Cy Young winner away from joining the St. Louis Cardinals or Philadelphia Phillies. I fully expect to see the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays all see what it would take to land the prized pitcher. 

It will be a very interesting offseason.