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Nationals losing Nyjer Morgan and Adam Dunn

The Nationals will have a very difficult time signing impending free agents Nyjer Morgan and Adam Dunn. The Nationals, sources say, plan to simply part ways with the troubled Morgan, who is currently serving two suspensions that will keep him out of the lineup for two weeks. 

Morgan is hitting just .256 on the year with 33 stolen bases. He is a viable leadoff hitter, but he needs to keep his personality in check if he wants to find any sort of work next season. 

The Nationals would certainly like to re-sign Adam Dunn but it looks as if it will be a much more difficult task. Dunn is four home runs shy of his seventh straight season with at least 38 home runs or more. He is looking for at least a four year deal. 

Several teams, both NL and AL, have already expressed mild interest in adding a power hitter of Dunn's caliber. There will certainly be a bidding war for his services this offseason, one the Nationals will probably price themselves out of.