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A's exercise manager Bob Geren's 2011 option

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Despite missing the playoffs for the fourth straight season, the Athletics have exercised the 2011 option on manager Bob Geren. Geren has been a good influence on the A's young core of talent, and his vision for the team is consistent with the front office's one.

''At the end of the day it seemed pretty obvious to all of us,'' Beane said. ''For us it's critical that we have a manager that's not only a teacher but has the patience to get through some of the growing pains a young player's going to have. Bob and the rest of the staff have certainly done that.''

Geren's coaching staff may change in the offseason as they will be reviewed over the remainder of the season. Regardless, the A's are very close to competing in the AL West and keeping Geren around puts them in a better position to win.