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Will the Dodgers shop Andre Ethier?

The Dodgers ownership situation is in shambles, leading some to speculate whether the team will try to cut payroll this offseason. The Dodgers outfielder garnered a lot of trade interest this season, and with Adrian Gonzalez off the market, we can expect to hear names like Ethier's and Matt Kemp heating up the hot stove. 

Ethier is having a solid year hitting .286 with 21 home runs and a .353 on-base percentage. He missed some time this season but overall his numbers are consistent with his previous years totals, meaning the soon-to-be 29-year old could have even bigger years ahead of him.'s Sean McAdam is reporting that Ethier has expressed interest in coming to Boston, but that doesn't mean anything in terms of getting a deal done. If the Rays lose Carl Crawford, replacing him with Ethier in exchange for a pitcher or a pair of prospects would be a nice exchange, not to mention the two draft picks they would receive from losing Crawford. 

If the Dodgers start dealing, who is more likely to be traded: Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp?