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Ronny Cedeno on Cardinals radar?

Pirates infielder Ronny Cedeno is in the final year of arbitration and is a certainly a non-tender candidate as a member of the Pirates. Cedeno is making a little over one million dollars this season and while he is due for a raise, it won't be much. However, the Pirates already don't spend much on the open market and may try to reel in a pitcher this offseason and play young shortstop Argenis Diaz. Diaz won't bring much with the bat, but he is a defensive whiz with good speed.

The Cardinals will be looking for infield help and they may be forced to spend cheap in order to accommodate Albert Pujols' future hefty contract, as well as other offseason additions. This top notch club all season unraveled in September showing its lack of depth and versatility.

The Braves' Omar Infante has a 2.5 million dollar club option that will almost certainly be exercised, and the same can be said for Alex Gonzalez's 2.5 club option. One possibility that could emerge is Cristian Guzman on the Rangers, who has hit .297 since 2007. 

Cedeno is very familiar with the division, having played for the Cubs and Pirates, with a brief stint in Seattle. He has an excellent arm and is pretty good with the glove. He doesn't carry much of an average, but he has been known to go on streaks and is a career .321 hitter in Busch Stadium.