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Nationals president Stan Kasten to resign after 2010

Nationals president Stan Kasten is reportedly stepping down after the 2010 season, according to's Jon Heyman. Kasten has done a fine job for the Nationals in his tenure, stock piling the minor league system with young legitimate prospects who are close to making an impact. 

2009 first-round picks Drew Storen and Stephen Strasburg have both made contributions at the big league level, and the Nats are confident that Storen will play a huge role in the bullpen in 2011. While Strasburg may be sidelined, there is no doubting his long-term potential and impact he could have on the Nationals.

They also snagged Bryce Harper, who is making his unofficial professional debut today. Other prospects reeled in by Kasten and the Nationals include 2007 first-round pick Ross Detwiler, pitcher Collin Balester and shortstop Ian Desmond. Both Desmond and Balester were drafted in 2004 by the Expos, but their development is largely attributed to the Nats' staff.

The timing of this decision is very surprising to me. Could his resignation be related to Stephen Strasburg? Or is it, simply, that he feels it his time to go?

Only time will tell.