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Mariners owner gives vote of confidence to GM Zduriencik

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Despite being the second worst team in baseball, Mariners owner Chuck Armstrong told reporters that GM Jack Zduriencik's job is safe in the front office. 

"We’re not thinking about changing the general manager at all," Mariners president Chuck Armstrong told

The Mariners were criticized for their acquisition of prospect Justin Smoak, who was a disappointment in his first legitimate opportunity in the majors. Either way, Smoak is a big time prospect who could have a huge impact on the organization in the years to come.

They also were faced with the unnecessary distraction of Milton Bradley, as well as a front office miscommunication gaffe that lead to the firing of at least one person in the office. They were also forced to fire several coaches, including manager Don Wakamatsu. How the next manager does will certainly better determine the future of Zduriencik. 

The Mariners new GM has his work cut out for him this offseason, finding some pitching help, outfield help and relief on the left side of the infield. Third baseman Jose Lopez could be on his way out.