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Hong-Chih Kuo takes over as Dodgers closer

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Manager Joe Torre told reporters this weekend that reliever Hong-Chih Kuo is the teams new closer. The move comes after pitcher Jonathan Broxton was removed from the role after he posted a 7.13 ERA in 17 appearances following the All-Star break. 

Kuo, a largely ineffective pitcher in his  first three years in the league, has settled down nicely into a relief role, posting a 2.18 ERA over the last three seasons. Broxton has been a solid reliever for the Dodgers since he broke into the league, but it was obvious a change needed to be made this season as he was way too inconsistent. He could easily earn the spot back next season.

The Dodgers are eight games out of first place and if there was any time to be going on a late season run, this would have been it with the Padres dropping their ninth straight game.