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Red Sox third baseman Adrian Beltre to free agency?

While Adrian Beltre has a 5 million dollar player option for next season, he will almost certainly decline to enter the open market as a premier free agent. Beltre, in his first year with the Red Sox, is hitting .322 with 26 home runs and a .363 on-base percentage, his highest totals since 2004.  

With Kevin Youkilis out, the Red Sox have been able to find at-bats for both Mike Lowell and Beltre. Lowell will certainly be gone after this season but the question is whether the Red Sox will be able to retain Beltre.

The Angels, among others, are expected to pursue the All-Star third baseman, who spent five seasons in AL West with the rival Mariners. The Tigers and Twins are also both looking into his services, and a slew of other teams will enter the mix as the offseason nears. 

After the type of year he has had, Beltre could certainly command a deal worth 8-10 million dollars annually. He's only 31 years old too, meaning he could seek out a four year deal.