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Indians outfielder Shin-Soo Choo has military obligations?

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In South Korea, that is.

South Korea requires all men before the age of 30 to have at least two years of military service. Unfortunately for Choo, 28, he has not received a de-facto waiver from the government and is still required to complete his service. However, Choo is hitting .293 this season with 16 home runs and a .389 on-base percentage, and his numbers have improved over the past three seasons as he enters his prime.

Do you really think the Indians would just let him go back to Korea? One way Choo may be able to avoid this military service would be by playing for the Korean national team in the Asian Games this November. Choo has been selected to play on the team and if he wins a gold medal, he will receive the waiver and only have to complete a four-week basic training program.

What if Korea does not win the gold medal? Will Choo have to leave the Indians for two years to complete military service?