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Royals pitcher Gil Meche announces retirement

Royals pitcher Gil Meche announced his retirement today, according USA Today. The announcement was very sudden for the 32-year old, who was set to make 12 million dollars this season. 

"My shoulder has deteriorated to the point where surgery would be the only option," Meche said in a statement released by the Royals, "And at this stage of my life, I would prefer to call it a career rather than to attempt to pitch in relief for the final year of my contract."

Meche finishes with an 84-83 record and a 4.49 ERA. The Royals rotation isn't exactly hurt by the loss of Meche, but he did give them some depth and possibly an arm in the bullpen, which won't be happening now. 

With Jeff Francis in the fold, they still have a veteran mainstay who could provide support to the younger players.