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Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley arrested on felony charges

Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley was arrested for making "criminal threats" to an unidentified female, which could come with a felony charge, according to The Mariners spoke with Bradley's representatives and are aware of the situation, but have not yet determined what course of action to take.

While we do not yet have full details on what occurred, we are aware of the situation and take it very seriously. We are in the process of determining the full circumstances of what occurred today.

Bradley has had troubles with nearly every team he's been with, albeit the Rangers. With the Dodgers, Padres, Cubs, and Mariners, he had extensive problems with his teammates and fans. This may be the final straw for the Mariners, who could void the final year of his contract.

Another option for the Mariners would be to put Milton Bradley on the restricted list and make him go through some extensive treatment, which may or may not cut into Opening Day. If the Mariners want to be a contender in 2011, they need a focused and healthy Milton Bradley. 

By continuing to show faith to Bradley, they may form a relationship that he hasn't had with any team. Making him go through treatment while training to be full strength for the season. Bradley has not played in 140 games since 2004, so by by bringing him back in early May or even June, he gets a fresh start and he will have to prove to everyone that he can produce and not be a distraction.