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Power Outage Report: Orioles make offer to Vladimir Guerrero

Sorry folks. There was a serious Winter Thunderstorm last night in the Maryland are that cut all the power. But while I was disconnected it came out that the Orioles made a long anticipated offer (at least for some O's fans) to DH Vladimir Guerrero

This is from one of my previous posts about Vlad:

Guerrero hit .300 with 29 home runs and a .345 on-base percentage in 152 games in the DH role for the Rangers last season. It was his most home runs since 2006, but the average is right on point with his entire career. The soon-to-be 36-year old still has a few good years left and still could benefit the Rangers in a limited role.

Now that the Rangers are out on Vlad, the Orioles are primed to tag him as their designated hitter, adding even more power to the bulging AL East. Their offer is believed to worth 3-6 million dollars, with a possibility for incentives.