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White Sox Targeting Rays' Martinez, Yankees' Pena

After releasing Ozzie Guillen from his contract, whom later signed with the Florida Marlins, the Chicago White Sox are now looking at a pair of AL East bench coaches to fill their managerial position.

Rays' bench coach Dave Martinez is their top choice, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, while Yankees' bench coach Tony Pena is their alternative choice.

Dave Martinez, 47, played for the White Sox as an outfielder for three years in the late 90s. Martinez, considered one of the better bench coaches in the game, has been serving as Joe Maddon's right-hand man since '07.

Like Martinez, Tony Pena is also well respected around the league. Pena managed the Kansas City Royals from 2002 to May of 2005. He's been apart of the Yankees coaching staff since then, even interviewing for the managerial position that eventually went to Joe Girardi, serving as the bench coach for the past two seasons.