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AL East News and Notes: Nova, Garcia, Jennings

AL East Standings

New York 97 65 .598 0 Lost 1
Tampa Bay 91 71 .561 6 Lost 3
Boston 90 72 .555 7 Lost 1
Toronto 81 81 .500 16 Won 1
Baltimore 69 93 .425 28 Won 1

(updated 10.10.2011 at 1:35 PM PDT)

Ivan Nova – An Uncommon Rule 5 Story | FanGraphs Baseball
A Rule 5 player that became a success after being returned to the team that had once given up on him.

The Freddy Garcia Question | River Avenue Blues
The Yankees have to offer Garcia arbitration in order to receive a draft pick if he signs elsewhere, but the risk is that he accepts.

Desmond Jennings Has Rollercoaster 2011 for Rays | FanGraphs Baseball
In 2011, the buzz about Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Desmond Jennings seems to have shifted from polarizing, to tantalizing, to polarizing once again.

Camden Depot: Rundown of Orioles on Baseball America's Top Prospects Lists
A quick review of the individuals in the Orioles' system who have received top 20 acknowledgements from their leagues, respectively.

2011 Player Review: Carl Crawford | Fire Brand of the American League
A review of Carl Crawford's disappointing season.