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Theo Epstein agrees to five-year deal with Cubs

According to WEEI, Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein has agreed to a five-year deal with the Chicago Cubsworth over $15 million. Buster Olney of ESPN writes that he'll make nearly $20MM, and Chicago will pick up the conclusion bonus in his contract with the Red Sox.

Via Twitter, Jon Heyman says that there is a bit of discussion between Chicago and Boston regarding whether the Cubs will send cash or prospects in exchange for Epstein; Boston currently wants cash. Heyman also speculates that Epstein's assistant Ben Cherrington will step up as his replacement as Red Sox GM.

Epstein has served as the General Manager for the Red Sox since 2002, and led them to two World Series titles during his tenure. He'll replace Jim Hendry, who was fired by the Cubs back in August.