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Marlins Interested In James Shields

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The Tampa Bay Rays are expected to shop James Shields this winter because of cost, not performance, and there are many teams that would be interested in acquiring Shields. Among the interested teams are the soon to be Miami Marlins, reports ESPN Insider Buster Olney.

Heard this: Among the possibilities the Marlins are considering is a serious run at James Shields -- and they have some natural matchup on a trade, because they could dangle Logan Morrison as part of any package for the right-hander.

The Marlins are looking to make a splash this winter, as the team prepares to unveil their new stadium and don new uniforms in 2012. Among the possibilities, as Olney alluded to, very well could be James Shields - a cheaper option financially, but would likely call for a significant hit to the farm system.

At the same time, it's hard to envision the Rays willing to part with Shields unless they are offered a better package than what they received for Matt Garza last year. Logan Morrison and a top prospect should get the deal done for both sides. A top prospect packaged with another quality player or two should get the deal done, for anything short of a top prospect packaged with another piece or two. Something similar to what they acquire

Shields, 29, enjoyed a career year in 2012 posting a 2.82 ERA, 8.1 K/9, 2.3 BB/9, with 11 complete games in 249 1/3 innings of work.