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MLB Trade Rumors: Blue Jays Could Pursue David Ortiz

David Ortiz could end up with the Toronto Blue Jays, according to Boston Herald's Scott Laubner. Set to file for free agency in the next few days, Ortiz could be a nice middle-of-the-order complement to Jose Bautista and Toronto hasn't ruled out making a major push to acquire him, per a major league source.

At 36 and relegated to DH, the number of teams potentially interested is limited to the 14 (or 15 if you count Houston) American League clubs. Further consider teams that are somewhat already set at DH and winnow that number further down, and all of a sudden Toronto could be a serious contender in the Big Papi Sweepstakes:

As a designated hitter, Ortiz will be dealing with only 15 teams, assuming the Houston Astros move into the AL. Several, including the Detroit Tigers (Victor Martinez), Kansas City Royals (Billy Butler), Chicago White Sox (Adam Dunn), Cleveland Indians (Travis Hafner) and Los Angeles Angels (Bobby Abreu), already have a full-time DH under contract. Others, like the Tampa Bay Rays, don’t seem inclined to spend big for a DH.

Even the Red Sox have a younger, less expensive DH option with catching prospect Ryan Lavarnway, who dominated Triple A before batting .231 with two homers and eight RBI in 17 major league games.

All considerations that will give Boston probable leverage in dealing with Ortiz, who reportedly wants $10M per year. Whether or not Toronto is willing to match that remains to be seen.