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Yankees Rumors: Sabathia, Cashman, Wilson, Swisher

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Lots of news and rumors coming out of the Yankees organizational meeting in Tampa. Let's get right to it:

New Offer for Sabathia in the Works -
The Yankees are close to completing a new contract proposal for the left-hander C.C. Sabathia, which they intend to present to him before he can opt out of his current contract, according to a baseball executive who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Contracts for Robinson Cano, CC Sabathia of concern to Yanks -
The Yankees' most pressing task is securing the services of ace CC Sabathia for 2012 and beyond, but Robinson Cano would like his future to be the next item on the agenda. Agent Scott Boras told the New York Post that he wants the Yankees to delete their options on Cano's contract in favor of a new contract extension. Thus far, general manager Brian Cashman has not responded.

CC Sabathia opt-out clause looms over Yankees, who close in on signing Brian Cashman for 3 years - NYDailyNews 
Cashman’s new contract, believed to be for at least three years, is "just about" complete, said a baseball official with knowledge of the pact, and could be announced as soon as the World Series is over, perhaps as early as this week.

Klapisch: Yankees banking on CC, but could be wary of Wilson -
The Yankees like the idea of Wilson as the rotation’s second lefty. But that’s not to say the Bombers covet Wilson and are prepared for total war against other bidders.

Are Yankees Looking For A New Right Fielder? - Baseball Nation
It should be a huge surprise if the Yankees don't pick up Swisher's option, for the simple reason that Brian Cashman looks at the same numbers as the rest of us. And the numbers say that Swisher's worth around $15 million per season. Even if you think Beltrán's the better player -- arguable, considering his recent injury history -- why would you decline to spend $10 million for a player worth $15 million?

New York Yankees News and Notes: CC Sabathia and the Tampa Meeting - Pinstripe Alley
Check out the Questions for the Day section. Good stuff.