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Diamondbacks Exercise Mutual Option On Blanco, Bloomquist

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have exercised mutual options on backstop catcher Henry Blanco and shortstop/left fielder Willie Bloomquist, the club announced. If the players exercise their half of the mutual option, Blanco will earn $1.15 million in 2012, and Bloomquist will be owed $1.1 million.

FOX Sports Arizona's Jack Magruder reports Blanco is likely to accept his half of the agreement.

Bloomquist, 33, hit .266/.317/.340 in 381 plate appearances with 4 homers, 10 doubles, and 20 stolen bases. The 33-year-old signed as a free agent last February, and got more playing time than he could have anticipated. With the uncertainty of Stephen Drew's health, the Diamondbacks will pick up Bloomquist's option as an insurance policy.

Blanco, 40, had a career year in 2011 (even though he only played 37 games) hit .250/.330/.540 in 112 plate appearances. Blanco served as the backup catcher to Miguel Montero, who had an excellent season at the plate, and he'll serve the same role next season as well.