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Olney Dishes On: Rangers, A-Rod, Reyes, Darvish, Posada

Buster Olney's latest Insider-only post is up. Here's what he says:

  • Once weighed down by the giant Alex Rodriguez contract, the Texas Rangers are viewed by rival executives as the most likely to become a dynasty over the next decade: "...and they are working with the benefit of deep-pocketed ownership, a massive new television contract, a stronger presence in the Texas sports market. Most importantly, they are rich in talent, from the big leagues to the minors."
  • More than that, though, the specter of the A-Rod contract looms over the future of the club in that it colors their decisions on big name players with similar big-money contracts. They might think twice about players approaching the $200M range, like Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder.
  • Rangers might need a new pitching coach if Maddux gets the job with the Cubs. And cross former Royals pitching coach Bob McClure off that list since he was just hired in Boston (not that he would have been a good fit on Nolan Ryan's club).
  • Yu Darvish hasn't sent clear signals whether he intends to pitch stateside, and if he does, teams will have some significant process to make it happen.
  • If the Madson deal doesn't work out with the Phillies, they're prepared with plan B (Papelbon).
  • Jorge Posada will either retire or play somewhere other than the Yankees, and it will be a decision between preserving his one-team legacy or his passion to quit on his own terms.
  • Jose Reyes is getting the star treatment in Miami, but the Marlins aren't about to get in a bidding war with another team for his services. They'll make one offer and likely move on.