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MLB Leftovers: Astros Signal AL Move, Rockies, Braves, Orioles

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Today's MLB Leftovers include an amazing (and probably obvious) theory about the Astros accidentally forecasting their move to the American League, what the Rockies' interest in Prado indicates, and a rather enlightening statement about the state of the Orioles (nobody's safe!).

  • Are the Astros Sending Signals They're Getting Ready for the AL? - The Crawfish Boxes
    "With the signing of Buck and a move to the AL it allows the Astros the flexibility of moving J.D. Martinez out of left field and into a designated hitter role. Obviously this changes if Brett Wallace is actually hitting in Spring Training. In which case either Carlos Lee or Wallace are put in the DH role and Buck is put in a reserve role. However, Wallace has to prove that he can hit first and it's not a bad idea for the Astros to be prepared with some flexibility. Either way this is a low cost solution for the Astros and give them some flexibility in regards to the DH position."
  • Prado and Oswalt the types of marginal players Rockies looking at this winter - Purple Row
    "The pair actually fit the Rockies needs fairly well, and while I've been outspoken about not targeting old pitchers with known injury issues, Oswalt is probably the most palatable of that class available this winter. He also may turn out to be among the most expensive, but I still think he's unlikely to cost as much in salary as Carl Pavano, for instance, certainly won't cost a prospect in trade, and yet provide a better return."
  • Rockies Interested In Braves Second Baseman Martin Prado - Talking Chop
    "Despite a down year, I'm guessing Prado will be a hot commodity on the trade market if the Braves are serious about trading him. Much like Jurrjens, Prado has two years left before free agency and should be in the midst of his prime production years."
  • Matt Wieters Could Be Traded -
    "One of the quickest ways to rebuild is to trade away current pieces for future ones. And Duquette has shown a knack for trading in the past. Given that, I would assume very few players on this 25-man roster will be untouchable this offseason. Matt Wieters would be one."