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Dodgers Being Aggressive To Fill Infield Depth Chart

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The Los Angeles Dodgers won't be pursuing the likes of a Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols, but the team is being aggressive to fill out their infield depth chart. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the team is "aggressively pursuing infielders and also talking to backup catchers and starting pitchers."

"First baseman James Loney, shortstop Dee Gordon and third baseman Juan Uribe are virtually assured of starting positions in the Dodgers' infield, but the second base and utility jobs are unsettled."

Clint Barmes, Kelly Johnson, Aaron Hill are all candidates for the second base job, but would likely require at least a two-year deal. There's always the possibility the team could bring back Jamey Carroll, who has proven he can get on base and play a good second base. Perhaps Aaron Hill or Kelly Johnson make the most sense, being they can offer power that is lacking on the Dodgers.

Los Angeles is also searching for a backup catcher and waiting for right-handed starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to make a decision on his future.