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MLB Breakfast Rumors: Mets, Marlins, Red Sox

Good morning! Great start to the end of a long week, and it's only just beginning. We have Adam Rubin pointing out that the Mets wouldn't get a 1st round pick for losing Reyes (a type-A FA) because the Marlins have a top-15 pick, which are protected; a Mets payroll reality check, a Marlins update, and a couple digs by the Red Sox, namely, "we don't need to "woo" candidates. Check 'em out:

  • Reyes to Miami means no 1st-round pick - Mets Blog - ESPN New York
    "If Jose Reyes eventually signs with the Miami Marlins, the Mets will get two draft picks, as they would if he signs with any other organization. However, if Reyes ends up in South Florida, the Mets would not get a first-round pick, even though Reyes is a Type A free agent."
  • MetsBlog Q&A: Cerrone talks to Sandy about spending |
    "Considering where we are now with respect to revenues, in order for us to approach a break-even proposition, we have to keep our payroll at a lower range than it has been in the last few years. Now, as the team performs better and the revenues increase, there will be the opportunity to increase payroll. So, where we are now is at a point of trying to bring our expenses (including most importantly payroll) to be in line with our revenue; and so we’re trying to approach it on a more balanced basis."
  • Marlins: No Offers Yet – Sun-Sentinel
    "Samson would not say whether the club has extended offers to any free agents. He also added the organization’s policy to not offer no-trade clauses on multi-year deals has not changed."