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Nolan Ryan Denies Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols?

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Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram talked to Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan yesterday about the MLB offseason, and what the Rangers look to do. Some of it may be a bit surprising.

Ryan said that he expected Mitch Moreland to be their first baseman in the 2012 MLB season. MLB executives across the league had been predicting Fielder to end up in Texas, but Ryan may have put that to bed.

"Making a seven-or-eight year deal for Fielder or Pujols is not something our organization is prepared to do. I very much expect Mitch Moreland to be our first baseman next year."

The article went on to say that the Rangers have made front line starting pitching their top priority, and we know that they are interested in Roy Oswalt and Mark Buehrle. They also have CJ Wilson, who oddly enough seems like he will not be returning to the team where he went to two World Series with.