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MLB Rumors: Jamey Carroll About to Sign?

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Jerry Cransick of ESPN reported via Twitter that Jamey Carroll was nearing a multi year deal. Only problem is, no one knows what team he is signing with.

Carroll himself had expressed interest in signing with the Detroit Tigers, and the Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians showed interest in him. The Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves reportedly seemed interested as well.

Carroll, at 37 years old, played as a utility player with the Los Angeles Dodgers last season, mostly playing at shortstop and second base. He is not a Type A or B free agent, so he will not cost the Dodgers a draft pick. Known for his good ability to get on base, he would be a pretty good asset for any team.

He has played ten years in the MLB now at various roles, and now just a utility man, he could rank up there as the top backup infielder in the entire league. Stay tuned to find out where he signs.