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Same Faces, Which Places? : Free Agency Predictions

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With the signing of Jonathan Papelbon by the Phillies, there aren't many big names Free Agent names left in this weak free agency class. With only a few big name bats and pitchers on the table, here is how two of your newest authors thought the rest of the off-season will carry out.

* Predictions made November 1st.
Player Marisa's Pick* Brandon's Pick
Albert Pujols Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs
Jose Reyes Washington Nationals Florida Marlins
Prince Fielder St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers
C.J. Wilson New York Yankees Boston Red Sox
Yu Darvish New York Yankees New York Yankees
Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Carlos Beltran Oakland Athletics Florida Marlins
Mark Buehrle Boston Redsox Washington Nationals
David Ortiz Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles
Francisco Rodriguez Florida Marlins San Diego Padres
Roy Oswalt Toronto Blue Jays St. Louis Cardinals
Heath Bell Philadelphia Phillies Boston Red Sox
Grady Sizemore Cleveland Indians Oakland Athletics
Hiroki Kuroda Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers
Edwin Jackson New York Yankees St. Louis Cardinals
Javier Vazquez Atlanta Braves Retire
Carlos Pena Florida Marlins Florida Marlins
Coco Crisp San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants
Josh Willingham Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Erik Bedard Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays
Chris Capuano Milwaukee Brewers New York Mets
Freddy Garcia New York Yankees Chicago White Sox
Johnny Damon Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays
Joe Nathan Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins
Jonathan Broxton Washington Nationals

New York Mets