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Loria: Miami Marlins Have Made Offers

Yesterday we heard the Miami Marlins have made offers to free agents Jose Reyes, Albert Pujols, and Mark Buehrle. But it just feels different once you hear it from the horse's mouth; thanks to Juan. C Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel...

Asked about multiple reports that the club has made offers to free agents Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes and Albert Pujols, all of whom toured the new ballpark this week (Pujols on Friday), (Jeffrey) Loria said: "We made offers, but I'm not going to discuss them."

Jeffrey Loria, the Marlins owner, later confirmed the free agents who received contract offers were indeed Buehrle, Reyes, and Pujols. That's when team president David Samson stepped in to give reporters his custom, canned response: no comment.

The Miami Marlins are doing more than just wining-and-dining free agents this offseason. Will they close (at least) a deal, though?