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Tigers GM Dombrowski Talks Free Agents, Delmon Young

Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski discussed several notable free agents, including his own, with MLB Network Radio's Jim Bowden and Casey Stern. If you would like to listen to Dombrowski's hit, you can hear it here. Let's check out the highlights from the interview...

  • The Tigers GM said "I kind of doubt it," in regards to making a play on a big-name free agent like Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, or even Aramis Ramirez.
  • Instead, the club is "going to look to get better probably in smaller increments," but didn't discount the small chance something happens with one of the more well-known free agents.
  • Don't expect free agent outfielder Magglio Ordonez to return to the Tigers, if he chooses to continue playing. Dombrowski won't be able to offer Ordonez playing time, as the outfield and designated hitter positions are already filled.
  • Outfielder Delmon Young will be tendered a contract. Young, 26, would be entering his final year before hitting the open market at season's end.