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CJ Wilson Rumors: Angels Reach Out to Agent

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CJ Wilson, widely considered the top free agent pitcher on the market, could potentially land with the Los Angeles Angels, according to a report by Mark Saxon of ESPN. According to the report, General Manager Jerry Dipoto has reached out to Wilson's agent and is "'intrigued' by the possibility of adding their primary AL West rival's ace."

Jim Bowden of ESPN points out on twitter that Wilson is from southern California, was raised in Manhattan Beach, and is actually living in Hollywood over the winter and implies he would be a natural fit with the team. More, and quoting Bowden here, "he has serious interest in Angels."

Wilson's past two seasons have been excellent and have elevated his value to other clubs. In both 2010 and 2011, the 30 year old has pitched 200+ innings, starting 33-34 games, and won a combined 31 games while losing only 15.

Dipoto has also contacted the agents for free agent relievers and may be looking for both catchers and 3rd basemen to fill out the roster. He expressed interest in (more specifically, "didn't rule out" looking at) Pujols and Fielder, but admitted neither were likely to fit.