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Red Sox Rumors: Closers, Sveum, Ortiz, Epstein

Does it seem like the Red Sox are one of the teams most in flux right now? Following the ouster of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, the departure of Jonathan Papelbon, and the free agency of David Ortiz, we could certainly see a lot of movement around Boston. Here's the latest:

  • Big holes to stitch up in these Sox -
    "For a team with a payroll pushing $180 million and All-Stars at every other position, the Sox have nonetheless got a number of holes and potential trouble spots, making Ben Cherington’s first offseason as general manager extremely important."
  • Brian Cashman: Yankees remain unlikely to pursue David Ortiz - WEEI
    "'We have internal candidates if we want,' said Cashman. 'The bad side is we have some veteran players who could use the breather at that spot. I’d rather have young, high-end, talented guys. But we have older, high-end, talented guys. Those guys could use a blow, whether it’s Alex, Jeter, Cano now, Teixeira, but we also have a young buck, too, in Montero now. We just have to wait and see how the rest of the roster looks and shakes out. That’s why there’s not an obvious need.'"
  • Second interview looming for Sveum -
    "Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum is a finalist for the Red Sox managerial job and will meet with ownership this week for a second interview, according to a source with knowledge of the process."