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Mariners Rumors: Fielder, Figgins

The Seattle Mariners are looking to make a splash in Free Agency, but they have pieces to move before they can get the ball rolling on one of the big bats on the market, Prince Fielder.

Earlier today, Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman tweeted that Seattle Mariners are hoping to move in on Prince Fielder this off season, not Albert Pujols. Prince, believed by many to be the next best Free Agent on the market after Pujols would command similar money. However, to sign Prince, Seattle certainly would have to clear some space.

To find one of the poorer signings in recent years, look no further than the same Mariners. Utility man Chone Figgins has two years left on his contract, earning $9.5 and $8.5 million respectively. As the fourth priciest player on their payroll, Chone has been nothing short of a bust in Seattle. Drawing a split of .188/.241/.243 with a WAR of -1.2 in 2011, Figgins worst two career years have come in Seattle.

Jon Morosi reports that the Mariners would be willing to eat some of the salary to move Figgins. Cinnicinati, Detroit, San Francisco have been reported as possible suitors. If Seattle can get its hands on Prince Fielder, he would presumably be the highest paid player on their payroll.