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Blue Jays Pushing Hard For A Closer

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun spoke to one American League general manager about the Blue Jays today at the winter meetings. The rival general manager told Elliott "It's time (for) Toronto to make a move," in regards to the Red Sox starting fresh at closer, general manager, manager, and maybe even at the designated hitter role.

"Tampa could have a bad year, Toronto could have a good year," the GM said. "All I know is that they are pushing hard for a closer."

Knowing the Jays, I just have a hard time imagining them seriously pursuing a "closer" like a Ryan Madson or Francisco Cordero this offseason. I don't doubt they will pursue a reliever who can close; however, I don't expect a flashy name.

Question: Who will the Jays sign to be their closer in 2012?

My prediction is Joe Nathan on a one-year deal with a club option for 2012. The Jays can buy-low and potentially get a fantastic closer. Bill James predicts Nathan will post a 2.35 ERA, 10.57 K/9 and 3.13 BB/9 in 2012.

Answer in the comments below!