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Mariners GM Wants: Offense, Pitching, Relievers, Backup Shortstop

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times caught up with Seattle Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik before the the GM meetings begun. Zduriencik laid down his offseason priorities and it obviously started with offense...

  • The Mariners need offense, it's no secret. The team's offense ranked dead last in back-to-back seasons now, but that may change soon. Seattle is interested in first baseman Prince Fielder, but the price may become too steep for the club.
  • Next on the list will be starting pitching. The Mariners have a fantastic core of starters with Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda already at the majors and Taijuan Walker, Danny Hultzen, James Paxton not too far away. However, Jack Z may be looking to just bring on an inning-eater or two that can serve the club well until the prospects are ready.

See what else the Mariners GM will be looking for this offseason after the jump.

  • Zduriencik says "the bullpen is something we're looking at," as the team should. Outside of Brandon League, the relievers are young and unproven. "A left-handed pitcher in the pen is something every club is looking for, and we would as well."
  • Lastly, the Mariners GM is looking for someone who can play shortstop behind Brendan Ryan. Kyle Seager filled that role for parts of the '11 season, but the Mariners "really like to get someone who was an absolute true shortstop, someone who can play every day if something happened to Brendon."