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Twins In Search Of Backup Catcher, Targeting A Boras Client?

The Minnesota Twins plan on having Joe Mauer be their starting catcher for at least the near future, but they are looking for a viable and capable backup catcher, reports Joe Christensen of the Star-Tribune.

"We're looking for catching depth," Ryan said Monday, on the eve of the general manager meetings. "Joe Mauer's our No. 1 catcher; there's no doubt about that."

There are several free agent catchers available, but the cheapest ones this offseason may actually be a pair of Scott Boras clients in Ivan Rodriguez and Jason Varitek. Here's the kicker: Scott Boras may actually know that, too.

"I think their roles are pretty defined now," Boras said. "I know Pudge [Rodriguez] wants to get to 3,000 hits, and he's got [156] to go; that's an important dimension for him. But I think it's clear that they understand they're not going to be everyday players."

Boras also Pudge has received a high-level of interest as a backup catcher, reports Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post.