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Report: Marlins Bid on Jose Reyes 6 Years, $90 Million

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The Miami Marlins made an offer to Jose Reyes of six years, $90 million according to Fox Sports. This marks the first offer to the premier shortstop available this off-season and almost certainly takes the Mets out of the running.

That said, $90M may not be enough, as Reyes is reported to require at least $100 million according to Buster Olney and Joel Sherman. On the other hand, the Fox Sports report has Reyes wanting to go to Miami, not only for a chance to play for Ozzie Guillen but also for the warmer weather -- no small consideration for his hamstrings.

This is all on top of some concern that Hanley Ramirez may not be willing to switch out of his role as the team's shortstop, which Clark Spencer reported last night via twitter.

This offer marks at one of several outgoing offers by the Marlins this off-season, which includes bids on Albert Pujols, Mark Buehrle, and Ryan Madson.