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Jose Reyes Rumors: 2nd Offer Made

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As of this writing, there have been exactly two clubs reportedly interested in Jose Reyes -- one, the Marlins which made a somewhat eye-popping deal while wooing him with various Miami delights; and two, the Mets, which don't really want to see him leave (conjecture on my part) but don't really have what it takes to match the Marlins offer.

Now we know there's at least one other offer:

  • Bowden: Reyes has 2nd offer - Adam Rubin - ESPN New York
    "ESPN's Jim Bowden tweets that Jose Reyes' representatives are in possession of a second offer in addition to the one from the Miami Marlins. Bowden doesn't specify from which club, but leaves open the possibility of it being from the Mets."
  • Marlins nibble at free agent Jose Reyes with 6-year, $90 million offer - NY Daily News
    "Some Mets people were surprised that a team made an opening offer of six years. It remains unlikely that the Mets would match that. Still, it is not impossible that the team will change its mind and give Reyes a longer deal than it initially wanted to."
  • ...more on Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes - The Palm Beach Post
    "Beinfest was also asked about Reyes. 'He’s just a dynamic player. We have seen him a lot in our division. The speed tool, the fielding, the enthusiasm. He plays with a lot of joy on the baseball field. He’s a game-changer in a lot of ways because of the tools he brings. He’s a good player. He’s a tough guy to play against.'"