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Mets Rumors: Minor Signings, Minaya, Wilpon, Unis, Teufel

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Mets fans, say it with me: baby steps. It's going to take a while to undo the previous regime's damage, but it starts now. Here's the latest:

  • Teufel out in Venezuela - Mets Blog - ESPN New York
    "Tim Teufel, who had been in his first season manages Leones del Caracas in the Venezuelan winter league, has been replaced as manager, the team announced. Carlos Lezcano will take over the club on an interim basis."
  • Minor doings -- O'Connor, Marte - Adam Rubin - ESPN New York
  • Preparing For Life Without Jose Reyes - Amazin' Avenue
    "Guaranteeing six years to Jose Reyes is crazy. Even four years at anything like $18 million seems ludicrous to me right now. The Marlins are said to have placed a five-year, $90-million offer on the table as a jumping-off point, and while they sit around waiting for a counteroffer, I can't really imagine the Mets exceeding that deal in either years or dollars. If Reyes signs with the Mets it'll be because he'd rather play for the organization and the fans that got him here even if it means accepting the second-best (or third-best, or...) deal on offer."