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Colorado Rockies Interested in Roy Oswalt

Troy Renck of the Denver Post had a recap from the MLB GM meetings in Milwaukee today, where he reports many interesting things, including that the Colorado Rockies have an interest in Philadelphia Phillies free agent starting pitcher Roy Oswalt.

His agent Bob Garber has told Reneck that his client, Oswalt, would consider pitching for the Rockies, even though pitchers have not had the best success in the homer-happy Colorado. Oswalt is expected to get a two year deal worth about $30 million, according to some baseball executives.

The Rockies want him, Reneck says, but feel like they would have to move Ty Wigginton first to clear some cash. Oswalt is in no rush and GM's are expected to travel to his home in the next few weeks. Oswalt does not want to sign until C.J. Wilson or Mark Buehrle sign somewhere according to Reneck.

Will Oswalt be a member of the Rockies? Or will he end up elsewhere? What do you think?