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Chicago Cubs Offer Dale Sveum Manager Position; Red Sox Still Looking

First rumors surfaced that Mike Maddux, thought by some to have an inside track on the Cubs open manager position, would be out of the running. And the Red Sox, interviewing a similar candidate pool as the Cubs (see: Epstein, Theo), had earlier announced they would be open to expanding their search. Which leads us to the big news of the evening:

Cubs Offer Sveum Job.

- Jon Heyman | @SI_JonHeyman

Assuming the offer is accepted and the Red Sox don't go nuts with a counter-offer, Sveum's the man. (Is it too early to say "It's all the Sveum to me?") Following the news is increased speculation about which candidates move to the top of the Red Sox list.

Update: the Red Sox DID NOT make an offer to Sveum, according to Rosenthal: