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Reds GM Walt Jocketty on Off-Season Plans

Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty was asked a few questions about the club's off-season plans, and appeared to have relatively modest expectations for what he'd be able to do. In particular:

  • The biggest thing they'd like to do is "improve our pitching." He said this several times in under a minute.
  • In particular, they're looking for an experienced starter to add to the rotation. He didn't say any names, but they were not one of the ten teams that Jim Bowden had listed for Mark Buehrle.
  • They're still in talks with Francisco Cordero. If they're unable to sign him they will have to find someone for the back end of their bullpen.
  • He seemed to express that if the team could just add one starter and overcome a couple key injuries, that they'd be heading in the right direction.
  • Jocketty said he's expecting the young nucleus of the team to continue to improve, and they'd like to "just add a couple pieces here and there, and we'll be ok."

Question: Which starting pitcher should the Reds target this off-season?