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Dodgers News and Rumors: Kemp, Kershaw, Prospects, and Statements

Expect Matt Kemp's deal to be officially announced today, along with further adulation of Clayton Kershaw, and the slow trickle realization that Frank McCourt isn't done squeezing this team. Maybe the Cy Young announcement yesterday and the Kemp contract announcement today will offer DodgerFan a glimpse of hope. Here's the latest:

  • Matt Kemp's deal with the Dodgers to be announced today -
    "The eight-year, $160-million agreement between Matt Kemp and the Dodgers officially will be announced at a Friday-morning news conference at Dodger Stadium, according to people familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity because plans for the event haven't been made public yet."
  • Clayton Kershaw's Day In The Sun - True Blue LA
    "Thursday was Clayton Kershaw's day to shine, as he captured the 10th Cy Young Award in the history of the Dodgers. The team held a press conference for Kershaw at Dodger Stadium, which included former Dodgers Cy Young winners Fernando Valenzuela and Don Newcombe in attendance."
  • Agent: Dodgers made a statement with new deal for Matt Kemp -
    "Kemp’s eight-year, $160-million contract will be officially announced at a Friday morning news conference at Dodger Stadium, according to club officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because plans for the event hadn't been made public yet. Finalized on Monday, the deal is the largest ever for a National League player. The contract is the seventh-richest in the history of baseball."
  • Dodger Prospect Discussion - True Blue LA
    Who is the #2 Best Dodgers Prospect? TBLA has the answer -- and wants to hear what you think.

  • New Dodgers owner can sell merchandise rights -
    "The Dodgers and their merchandise vendor have agreed to terminate their contract, a move that could enable outgoing owner Frank McCourt to fetch a higher purchase price for the team."